Field Testing

At this time, we are not recruiting new school partners.  If you are interested in participating in a future field-test, please fill out this interest form

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The CCR4T is an online survey. Completing the CCR4T should not take longer than a class period (30-60 minutes) and it can be administered in school or as a distance learning activity. Access to data will be provided to all school partners (see sample graph below). In addition to administering the survey, we ask partners to provide certain school academic and behavioral data.

Benefits to School Partners:

  • The opportunity to provide direct feedback so that the CCR4T fits their school context
  • Online administration allows for use as a distance learning and/or re-entry tool to better understand student perceptions across the 5-domains
  • Correlating the student perception data with school academic and behavioral data allows for index scores across the 5-domains, which can be used as early warning indicators and for student success planning (see Sense of Belonging video for an example)
  • Please see the relevant forms at the links below

Sample data graph: Below is a sample graph that is included on school data reports. In this example, students from one high school are grouped by in-person/hybrid and remote learning modality as well as by certain disability types (learning disability, other health impairment). Student scores on the Ownership of Learning domain are represented by the red and black bars which show variation across student group and learning modality.