College and Career Readiness for Transition (CCR4T): Development and Validation of a Student Measure

Measurement Study funded by the Institute of Educational Sciences to be carried out from 2019-2023

Key personnel (pictured below from left-to-right): Jennifer Freeman, Jane Rogers, Hariharan Swaminathan, Allison Lombardi, Mary Morningstar, Valerie Mazzotti

Please view a video of PI Allison Lombardi describing our 5-domain assessment framework and more!

How do you know Students are CollegeĀ  and Career Ready? Watch the video Drs. Lombardi, Morningstar, and Mazzotti presented on the 5-domains and relevant evidence-based practices as part of the Ask the Experts series from the National Technical Assistance Center on Transition.

Contact: Allison Lombardi for more information